About GT5


A professional graphic artist with a background in marketing and business management who was able to create and heightened up for 37 years the opportunity to achieve the highest point in the business by using the old methods of postcard leads, box leads, demo’s leads, networking leads and etc. long before the internet marketing took the center stage.

Now with the birth of social media and all types of search engine optimization and marketing, he learned the secrets to build an empire that works in any business with good rapport, great service and communications to top it with great results in sales.  With his supervision for the last 30 years, developing turnkey operation businesses that to this day all of these three other businesses are still up and running is one of his greatest achievements and working for corporate companies such as NCR Systemedia – Marketing Division for many years has earned the knowledge and experiences in satisfying the clients’ needs.

It’s all about the service and the results that are created from the projects. The end results from sales are one of the keys to success in marketing. Regular and repeating customers even top the icing on the cake. And for his company the GT5 Marketing empowerment in helping a business grows is such a rewarding experience. Team GT5 completely happy to serve their clients to reach their optimum goals one of which is to attain great results in SEO optimization services and website design. Thus they always say, “We take care of your business” with pride, honor and integrity.


GT5 Staff


Kris Calixton, is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking with major in Online Marketing. She has the love and passion in building websites. Her designs speak volume with amazing results.  Her creativity and experiences in the internet marketing bring us to the forefront. Her well thought of designs and business ideas had earned her one of the top producers in the industry of internet marketing website designs and affiliate niche websites.

Joel Velos, is an accomplished individual with Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology.  He is our Search Engine Optimization expert with over 5 years of experience on hundreds of different projects in more than 10 different industries. Joel learned that he could control traffic online with this knowledge from an algorithm specialist and set out to learn all aspects of the business algorithm formula. Joel has helped build business from the ground up, as well as increase sales and lead generations to record breaking levels using GT5 SEO secret methods and tactics. Our GT5 Tiger SEO is unique and aggressive with great results.

Febrina Tanghal, with years of experience as a professional writer is a graduate of Central Philippine University. Her works expanded into the internet marketing as a professional writer, ghost writer, editor, blog posting, keyword researching, forum posting, writing corresponding free reports and their sales pages along with social media management. She is naturally reliant with willingness to improve herself for the service of our client’s needs.

Alex Yves, is one of our graphic artists who excel in layout/graphic related skills in image/photo editing/enhancements, web banners, website headers, infographics, digital covers, eBook, CD, DVD, and layout design for print. He also designs for print brochure, flyer, signage, and t-shirt designs.