Boonshoft Museum of Discovery – Planetarium, Aquarium and a Zoo

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery is the regional leader in hands-on science learning. This museum is dedicated to enriching families and children’s understanding of the natural environment. Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, a Dayton children’s museum, features a planetarium as well as an aquarium and a zoo. This museum provides a hands-on, interactive experience suitable for everyone. Visit the museum at 2600 Deweese Pkwy Dayton, OH 45414.

Boonshoft museum of discovery features more than 150 animals in addition to the Discovery Zoo. This museum is also home to an education program. It’s located downtown Dayton on the Great Miami River. You can find a wide range of activities throughout the year. At the Discovery Zoo, you can enjoy nature. You can choose one of 11 local golf courses if you love playing the game. You need to check this as well.

The Oregon District, the historic area of the city is called. These historic structures date back to the 1820s. There are many cafes and art galleries in Oregon District. Enjoy art from around the globe. Also worth a visit is the Dayton Art Institute. The museum contains over 27,000 works of art. The museum has sections that are dedicated to African and Oceanic art and Pre-Colobian arts, as well as an exclusive collection of glassworks.

Wright Brothers Museum houses a reproduction of the original bicycle shop as well as an actual plane. A number of tools were also used in the design and creation of the aircraft, as well as the first flight picture. Wilbur was killed while his house was being constructed in the early suburbs of Dayton where the brothers lived. Orville Wright lived until his death at the Georgian revival house.

The Wright Brothers Workshop and Museum are just a few of the many attractions. You can also see the Wright Brothers’ first real airplane and an expanding craft beer market. Make sure you extend your stay in Dayton to take advantage of all the city has to give. You will be happy you did. The city has plenty of other attractions. The city offers many other attractions, such as the opportunity to rappel down into an impressive gorge or visit the most extensive underground cavern in the world. You also have the option of visiting an ancient Native American village. For a place that offers fun for both kids and adults, visit here.

SunWatch Indian Village and Archaeological Park can be visited while you are in the region. It is situated near the Great Miami River. Three acres surround the museum. Museum features archeological digs and artifacts from 250 Native American culture. Explore the park’s past on one of our exploration tours. You can spend a day exploring Dayton by visiting SunWatch Indian Village, Archaeological Park and other attractions.