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We are a Dayton-based digital marketing that emphasize SEO consultant service that will give your business presence, credibility, dominanace and authority on your niche industry on the web. Our low overhead keeps our price lower than most SEO companies that provide quality service and results that you will be more than pleased. We guarantee our SEO digital workmanship. Our GT5  Signature offers unique SEO services to help your website rank better in the search engines with great results. SEO is all about bringing your site on top of the search engine rankings when someone searches using a phrase or keyword in the search engine (the most opted one is our own Google) that are related to your services. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about making your website accessible for the search engine crawlers to help understand what a page is all about, and how it may be useful for users and perspective clients that will results in positive revenue for your company. Would you like to be found easily and organically by perspective buyers? Are you getting traffic to your site resulting in positive revenue? Are you one of many businesses in your niche industry and you are at the bottom list in local listings? How many keywords organically can you be found via search? Our GT5 SEO team,  will help you achieve your goals to be on the front page Google and local listings. We are on par with the latest techniques used in the SEO strategies and environment,  we will continuously work with the latest SEO techniques that are panda, and penguin safe. It is a constant effort to have sustenance in top rankings for an extended period. With this, Google search algorithm will slowly start picking up your website links, since it finds that they are genuine and are well optimized, and start offering you as the top search result. We provide the standards of what Google optimization crawlers look for, for the front page results. “My experiences and my work ethics will get you the results you needed to see. Get your site rank high on Google page, Bing and Yahoo”. MTaningco – Getting your site rank high on Google, Bing and Yahoo will give you better presence, credibility, authority and traffic for your business. Achieve better revenue and ROI for your existing business using the latest digital marketing strategies for your business. Call us for consultation. 937-272-2480 Ask for Manny Taningco, your SEO consultant expert.  

Award Winning Website Designs

  • Affordable well thought of  unique responsive website designs: that work seamlessly on all mobile devices
  • A unique special custom design that speaks of your company’s brand and relates to your customer base.
  • Simple custom mobile sites which work like hybrid apps with a call to action buttons maps integration and mobile friendly icons and menu.
  • Integrate social media accounts with your website for better Google page ranking.
  • Analytics is integrated and activated.
  • Features such as animated sliders, high-quality graphics, unique banner designs, logos, maps, forms, photo galleries and much more for unique award winning website design that commands presence and authority.
  • Social media: create professional business awesome looking cover pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google my business account and others.
  • Maintainance and upgrading existing websites
  • Special siloing web pages interlink internally to create link juice to your site organically for your site to be found easily by searchers.
  • E-commerce website designs: integrate shopping cart and payment gateways like PayPal, to help your clients shop easily online.

Presence On The Web

Did you know that more than 68% purchases are done online? Would you like to have that relevance on the web? Would you like to improve your business presence on the web through our marketing ideas? We can give you the positive results with assurance

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GT5 has gone to great lengths in building and creating our new website. I am very happy of the outcome of our website design. It is very professional from video creation and graphic designs that gave us the edge in our niche industry.
Larry Curk

PSI-Paper Systems

GT5 Website Design did a great job in designing our responsive website.
Bob Basil

Highview Center

GT5 Signature SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service was very instrumental in putting us on the Google front page primarily in the Dayton area where it is very competitive.
Danny Schiffer

Minuteman Press

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