7 Principles of Good Logo Design

A logo is a symbol or design used by any businesses or organization to identify its purpose, products, services and etc. What makes a logo? What are you trying to convey in your name branding logo? Making a logo has many factors before creating them. Below are the 7 principles of Good Logo Design. Good Logo must be instantly recognizable and can fit in any different mediums of branding material.

logo designMemorable logo

The Nike Logo is a good example of a memorable logo that has lasting impressions and that is the memorable logo.

Simple Logo

Take a look at the bank of Chase. That is a simple logo a non 3d flat logo. It is a black text logo “CHASE” with a simple design colored in blue. Taking a concept that is simple but yet portray the branding name effectively

Timeless Logo

When we think of timeless it refers to no particular point in time. It is the focus in a very strong concept and keeps away from the new trends. A timeless logo will allow you to enjoy the longevity of its unique design. Coca-Cola is a sample of a timeless logo.

Relevant Logo

Does your logo relate to your business? A logo must portray and represent the company you are trying to convey to the public. It must be relevant to the purpose of your company or niche industry. Take a look at the “United Way” logo and it portrays about caring in their niche industry. You do not want to have a technology logo for a clothing logo, that will not work. Using these 7 principles of Good Logo design ideas will help you sort your thoughts before your final design.

Versatile Logo

Most logos are a symbol or mark that represent a business or organization. The logo is applied in many forms of marketing techniques or forms of advertisements. You want to make your logo be versatile that can fit in any medium of advertisements whether it be on a business card or on the huge billboard. When creating a logo, design it in such a way if you can see it on a 1” inch square. Check if any of the lines or designs disappear. An example of a versatile logo is the “TARGET” with a bullseye.

Logo Shapes

Take a look at nature, everything has a shape around us but it goes back to the basic shapes of triangle, circles, and squares These shapes has certain meanings subconsciously. For example:

The Triangle suggest trinity and can be conflict

The Circle is unity, protective, and infinity

The Square is honesty, equality, and stability

You want to create a logo that has certain movement in them as you look at it so it that engages the viewer. You can also mix several shapes for your logo to make it unique and totally different effect.

Letters can replace shapes too and you might want to consider that options. You can also mix text and shape together that will have more meaning.

Colors In Logos

The meaning of colors can have a significant impact on the viewer. What the colors mean and what does it mean to you? Colors that just integrate with your company’s main theme. Colors that portray a hidden meaning for you or for the niche industry you are aiming. Each color has a meaning subconsciously too.

So using this concept of the 7 principles of good logo design should give you some guidance and indication where you want to take your thoughts into visibility that makes a mark in the public minds.

Let’s us design the logo that represents you and the company.