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Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website

With a great number of mobile users, there are nowadays, creating a mobile presence should be one of the major plans business organization must consider. But the question as to which one is better, Mobile App or Mobile Website, has been frequently asked by many. These two seem to be similar but as you try to scrutinize its characteristics and effect on users, you will then distinguish the difference between the two. Before you make your choice as to which is really better between these two, try to look at some factors which will be suited to one of these such as your budget, target audience, and purpose.

Before going any further, check out first what make these two different from each other.

Differences Between Mobile App and Mobile Website

From the name itself, a mobile website is designed similarly with that of any websites which are also known as browser-based HTML. But since, it is a website designed for smartphones, most of its features are downsized to meet the smartphones capabilities as well. Though, mobile websites are still able to display exactly the same features of that of the browser-based HTML such as displaying images, video, text and important data.

On the other hand, Mobile Applications are specific applications for a specific site which seem to be accessible despite the absence of an internet connection once a certain content from a such application has been downloaded.

With their differences, it is still best to know your purpose before considering your choice between the two. For as to which is really better depends on your purpose. A mobile application suits well for those who would want to create an interactive game while a mobile website is good for content that features easy-access to users.

But as to what most businessmen have been practicing, they make mobile websites a prerequisite before creating a mobile application and only create an application once there is a need for a more specific purpose which would be more comfortable when accessed in an application.

Advantages Of Using A Mobile Website

  • It can be shared by other users by simply using its link.
  • It can be accessed around the clock as long as there is an internet connection.
  • It is compatible with a lot of devices.
  • It can be upgraded at any time you want.
  • Its development takes a short time and costs less as well.

Advantages of Using Mobile Application

  • It is designed especially for interactive games.
  • It is advisable for purposes which assure regularity in using it.
  • It can be accessed even without an internet connection.

Both do have their own strengths and weaknesses in their usage, but you just have to examine thoroughly as to which will suit your purpose before taking an action.

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