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WordPress E-commerce Installation

Get a fully functional e-commerce platform based on WordPress, which is easy to handle and does not require your visitors to leave your site to buy. We can help you create a website to sell your products, services or downloads. We are an expert to help develop a sales strategy to ensure that your online venture is a success.

Why WordPress e-commerce solution?

It is an easy to use interface an open e-commerce solution that is easy to understand even for non-technical users. You do not need a lot of resources on the server, no need for expensive web hosting solutions Flexible front-end.We can create a custom design around the identity of your business.

WordPress e-commerce website package includes:

Web Development and Design – It offers a varied selection of features, you can upgrade to more content on the fly instead of calling a technician to do it for you. WordPress is one of the best and most used software such as weblogs, the best of all, is free to download and use.

E-commerce plugin installed – We use a customized version of WP-ecommerce plugin to create your WordPress e-commerce site. We will install the plugin and configure the type and quantity of products.

Adding of Products (up to 50 products) – We will add up to 50 products on your website and demonstrate how you will upload them yourself. Products exceeded will charge $ 5 per additional product.

Product on order page Customized – We will customize your product pages based on what you want and our strategies to maximize the “Add to Cart” conversions. Designed Page to checkout – We will design a custom payment page to make it as clear and simple as possible for your customers to make their way through the payment process.

Create PayPal Account – We will create your PayPal account or use your PayPal account, help you choose the right options for your business.

Integration of Shopping Cart – We will integrate your PayPal account with the shopping cart so customers can order products without leaving the site. This reduces shopping cart abandonment.

Receive automated e-mail – When someone buys something from your website, and you will receive an automatic e-mail, indicating which products are purchased, which send them, and special shipping instructions. We can also install and customize prestashop, opencart and some shopping cart software.

Payment Method – We require first time clients to pay 30% upfront payment. The payment is 100% refundable provided no actual work was started, including but not limited to: PSD design, purchase of plugins/stock photos etc., programming. We accept PayPal payments, Credit Cards (secured)

Need a design model into a functional WordPress theme? – We can help! We specialize in custom cutting and models of in fully functional WordPress themes. The theme is also designed to use all the existing features of WordPress, such as menu management, to maintain your WordPress site a breeze. Send us your designs in Photoshop and convert them to a fully customizable, feature packed WordPress powered site.

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