What is siloing? How can it help you get more traffic and land on the google front page? Writing best articles as many would say is one factor that brings huge traffic to your website. But what many of you do not know is that the use of silos is actually a great help in drawing connections in the world wide web. Silos are used to provide users the experience and service they deserve in using search engines. Silo helps in organizing a website’s content and keyword for it to look more informative and comprehensive which may call search engine users’ attention. It also makes use of specific themes and keywords to divert users attention and to not focus on central location alone. This set-up upholds the assurance of high ranks in different long-tail and short-tail keywords. It has been proven and tested that a balanced organization leads to propelling keyword rankings and improving user experience.

Using silo has also been known to be a principal scheme in making online site air tight to loosing “link juice,” and disseminates the link juice throughout the pages in the site at the same time. The use of silo also leads search engines in discovering the websites’ themes. It helps in distributing link juice from external URL’s throughout the site knowing that all pages are just interlinking with each other and that link juice will be passed to all entire pages.

Advantages of using silo are the following:

1. Better User Experience – It helps users in understanding what the website offers in a more quick and easier manner.
2. Better Search Engine Rankings – Increased rankings for head and long-tail terms in search
engines are the most possible result of siloing.
3. Authority Positioning – Websites will be viewed as an authority topic/product fpages
will be created with great, relevant content.

Keyword research has been known to be the first step that should be done before starting the process of siloing a website. Keywords and their relevance of the content are two of the most important factors key engines are looking for.
Keywords needed in siloing are the following:

1 broad niche
3 relevant keywords/ most competitive keyword
3 sub niches keywords

Effective SEO techniques are truly great factors in bringing success to company websites.