Success in business requires training, discipline, and hard work. Nothing in this world can be achieved in just a snap of our fingers. It is always better to work hard for something cause if you do, you will always be willing to do your best for it to keep going. Sounds a contradiction to a famous line from Bruno Mars’ song, “Easy come, easy go.” Indeed, the easier you get things in your hand, the easier they are gone. Take for example the lottery winners. They get money easily by winning but most of them have wasted their chance of having everything they want. It is possibly because they are only thinking that what they have is not from their own sweat. Unless, when one thing has been created through a lot of effort and hardship that it becomes someone’s treasure.

Setting up a business is not a one day process. It takes a lot of planning, dedication, effort, and perseverance. It is a step by step process. It is just like going up a building but taking the stairs for it has been said there is no elevator nor escalator to success. Thus, your only option is to take the stairs. It might take a lot of time and you might be sweating as you take each step in going up yet you know that once you get to the top, all those hardship and effort will all be worth it.

Before deciding to set up your own business, you must see to it that you are a certified risk taker. There is no business that is risk free. You will never get to the top of the stairs unless you have risked to take its first step and that first step leads to each step going to the top. Attracting and retaining customers, making a profit, and cornering a share of the market are just some of the risks you need to take. By the time you have made it clear to yourself that you are willing to take the risk, then that means to say you are now ready to set up your own business.

Not tomorrow, not the next day, but Today, is the best and perfect time to start taking the stairs to success.