Sunwatch Indian Village – The home of Native American

In the heart of Dayton, Ohio lies SunWatch Indian Village, a Smithsonian-designated site, which once housed an Incinerator. The village, which is Native American in origin, can be found on West River Road near the Great Miami River. This village, which is sun-watched from the top, resembles American life. The site was opened in 2002 and has become a very popular tourist destination. It can be found at 2301 W River Rd., Dayton, OH 45417.

Amateur archaeologists found the site in 1960. These amateur archaeologists found an extensive array of prehistoric materials in the vicinity of the Miami River. After the amateurs discovered a wide range of prehistoric materials along the Miami River, the Dayton Museum of Natural History became the Boonshoft Museum of Discoverion and began excavating the SunWatch location. The excavations revealed a planned village and stockaded buildings as well as astronomical alignments. This site covered three acres. Artifacts found included fish scales and crawfish pincers. Look at about Carillon Historical Park here.

You can visit the site of an ancient village and its replica. Pow Wow Arbor can still be used every year for the “Keeping the Tradition” Pow Wow. Officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it was named a National Historic Landmark and designated in 1990. The Boonshoft Museum for Discovery manages the village and it is open every day from Tuesday through Saturday.

You can visit the Boonshoft museum of discovery and tour the archeological park. The museum also has exhibits that focus on the life and times of local residents. Dayton Museum of Natural History published a book about the Incinerator Village site.

It was an important win for archaeologists and local history. The area was almost set aside to be used for water treatment. However, sufficient evidence was discovered to prevent this from happening. It was turned into an interactive museum following excavations. You can see artifacts and pottery from more than eight thousand years back. This museum is visited annually by over 20,000 people.

SunWatch Indian Village Admission is $6 for seniors and students, and $7 for adults. Dayton Society of Natural History members have free admission. Membership includes access to discounts at more than 300 museums around Dayton, OH. You can experience Indian culture by visiting the museum at this time without having to queue for tickets. SunWatch Indian Village could be a place you consider for your next Dayton trip if time allows.

SunWatch Indian Village is wheelchair accessible. A paved path leads to the village and there is also a wooden-chip pathway that winds through it. Accessible parking for disabled people is also available. Although photography is permissible, it is important to ask for permission before photographing. Photographers may not be allowed to take photos during special activities or events. You should always check the SunWatch Indian Village website before you travel. Want to see something interesting in Dayton?